Date: 30th July 2019 at 8:50am
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Football betting is popular all over the world, particularly in the UK.

If we go by the statistics, punters in the UK bet £626 on sport every second of the day. If you combine it all together, the figure comes out to be pretty crazy, showing the kind of popularity sports betting enjoys in the country.

Although, one should point out that it’s not just sports betting that attracts many UK gamblers, but also casinos. In fact, there are currently around 140 land-based casinos in the UK, not to mention that nowadays players have an endless selection online! With mobile betting platforms and mobile casinos becoming the most preferred mediums for gambling today, the figure of online players and punters continues to grow with each passing day.

But, football, as we said, remains the most popular sport in the UK, and so it comes as no surprise that half of the figure mentioned above is actually wagered on this particular sport.

The fact that south of the border half of the Premier League clubs will have gambling sponsors for the 2019-20 season speaks a lot about how football betting is ingrained in the English culture.

Read on to find out some top tips you can use to succeed at online football betting.

Maintain a betting record

It’s very important to maintain a clear and understandable record of all the bets you place, if you are serious about winning on a consistent basis. Some of the things you should record are:

  • The bets won and lost
  • Amount of stake per bet
  • Total profit and loss from the bets
  • Bookmaker/s used for placing the bets

On the whole, it’s a good idea to record anything and everything that can help you in better analysis of your bets. And such analysis will help you ascertain if your betting strategy is delivering results or not.

Always stay impartial

When it comes to football betting, you have to leave your emotions out and always stay impartial. Constantly remind yourself of the age-old adage, ‘Don’t bet with your heart.’ Rather put it in bold on a big sheet of paper and put it up in your room or wherever you sit to place your wagers. We cannot emphasise enough that you need to be in complete control of your analytical brain while placing your football bets. Betting with heart often results in bad decisions and in most cases leads to short-term as well as long-term losses. For instance, if you had backed Celtic in this Celtic vs Rangers match, the disappointment would have multiplied many times for you after the match.

Change your bookmakers

There are a good number of online bookmakers available in the market today and it is highly recommended that you change your bookmaker often in order to score better long-term football betting profits.

While every bookie would want you to continue betting with them, if you carry out some research, there are always better opportunities available elsewhere. Ideally, you should shop around for the best odds and not refrain from changing loyalties if it helps you become more profitable. In addition, you should make the most of promotions offered by different bookmakers too.

To close, we would like to mention that you must know the various football betting markets and the game of football inside-out if you want to have even a semi-decent chance of succeeding at football betting.