A Celtic Fan Puts His Ten Questions To Peter Lawwell And The Board.

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Amongst all the anger on social media, there have been a few sensible suggestions.

I like to think I made one of them earlier with my article about how the Home Cup Ticket Scheme – which is one of the ways the club has leverage over the fans – has to be the first brick removed from the wall if we’re going to get anything to change.

But there are other good suggestions out there, including a mighty piece which is doing the rounds over on the Kerrydale Street forum, a re-visiting of a mammoth article from 2011, laying out the major changes that the Celtic Underground team believe are necessary.

Listen, I would recommend that everyone read that piece.

I only wish I were allowed to reproduce it on here, because every word in it is solid gold.

But you don’t have to be a blogger to get your opinion across.

The Celtic Star has been running a series of superb pieces all the way from Tuesday where their readers email in and make their positions clear. Articles like that are excellent for informing debate and discussion and for letting the supporters be heard.

This blog has always had an open policy of allowing people to express their views.

We hold to that, and we have published many a piece over the years, even when the central thesis was one that the editors didn’t agree with.

It goes without saying that this open invite to contribute still stands; if you have something you’d like to say I am easy to find on social media, and so are the guys who administer the Facebook group. Drop us a line and we’ll get your article up.

One member of the group – Sean MacMillan – has allowed us to publish his own piece from yesterday; the ten questions he would personally ask the board and the CEO if he had the chance.

I am pleased to offer them here for you all to read through.

I have added my own comments to each of them, to highlight their importance to the debate.

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