“Bitter Tears Keep Me Going.” Wailing Boyd Mourns Another Storming Celtic Win.

Image for “Bitter Tears Keep Me Going.” Wailing Boyd Mourns Another Storming Celtic Win.

Awww poor wee Kris Boyd. His response to the game today, where we were so completely that the five goals we scored could have been more, was to say that the result was harsh on Motherwell because they were good for a whole half hour.

They deserved something, in Boyd’s view, for being in the race for exactly one third of the game.

Perhaps we should give them a point, as a charitable measure?

Honestly, we were brilliant today after we settled in.

Perhaps Boyd has missed that.

From the moment we got the equaliser and took a grip of things the home side were never at the races.

We steamrollered them. A few lapses at the back – the biggest being when we were already 5-1 up and in the last minute – do not detract from how wonderful that display was. Every time we went we looked like we could score. And we usually did.

Five players scored today. Seven scored last week.

Our two strikers have two in two games. Ryan Christie scored again. Forrest can’t stop scoring at the moment. This team is rolling like a well-oiled machine. Not since Rodgers’ first campaign have we looked as deadly as this. Even the goal difference column is a sight to see; we’re at plus ten after two games.

Listening to Boyd and the Sky team trying to pick holes in that performance was grim but hilarious at the same time. They are desperate to find some crumb of comfort for Ibrox fans who stuck with it and watched the whole thing. They must be concerned already.

Listening to Boyd you can sense the fear wafting off him, him and others.

Andy Walker was – as usual – almost unbearable.

This team looks formidable. We have Hearts at home and Ibrox next in the league, and we could not have gotten off to a better start. We have asked the question of our so-called rivals … let’s see how they respond. If they can.

Olivier Ntcham won man of the match, but you know what? It could have gone to any of a half dozen players, including Edouard who was, once again, unplayable and immense. I think he’s going to be the star of the show this year, although other players in the team will have something to say about that. Ajer and McGregor were excellent as well.

We could not have asked for a better start to this campaign.

The football is scintillating.

The team is scoring fun. This sets us up nicely not only for the league games but for the European ties which are to come as well. We can turn out Cluj’s lights at Park and if we play the way we have been we can win the next tie in the first leg.

Glasgow’s Green and White.

Let’s see what the rest of them have.

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