Celtic Comes Out Swinging Over The Mounting Hysteria Regarding Tom Boyd.

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This morning I wrote of how the media is having a go at Tom Boyd and how ridiculous this makes them look.

Worse came earlier this afternoon, when the press started to write about how the compliance officer might want to take a look at his comments.

What a laughing stock these people would turn our game into.

Honestly, their bitterness and small-mindedness has been expressed in some low, and pathetic, ways in the past but surely this would be the nadir?

This would be the point at which every single one of us was entitled to wonder if everyone in our press rooms – and in the governing bodies – had gone mad?

The over this is so phoney that you want to laugh, except you dare not because there is a very serious side to this too.

This would be a new front on the war against our club.

Boyd questioned a refereeing decision, and he was quite right to.

He highlighted Beaton’s past behaviour, and he was correct to.

He’s told it true, as I said earlier.

What the is this really about, except some people think they can attack us over it?


CelticTV is a subscription only service, run by Celtic itself.

If that’s now being scrutinised by people who are looking for things to take a shot at then we’re in a new situation here.

This is theoretical at the moment, of course; is said to be “considering” this, although it could just be that the media is trying to bounce them into doing so.

Celtic have responded tonight with an official statement.

“We have had absolutely no contact from in relation to this matter and, given the context and circumstances in which the comments were made, would be astonished if the matter were to be progressed. If it is, then we will respond robustly,” it said.

The word “astonished” will lead the of course, but the words “respond robustly” ought to be because honestly, if we let this kind of thing go then it’s open season on the club. The hacks who have been banging this drum should hang their heads in shame, especially considering some of their own copy.

The club cannot – and will not – take this lying down.

I have to hand it to these people; Celtic has been, in some ways, an unruly household this past week.

But there’s nothing like a wee reminder of who the real is, and what they are willing to stoop to, to refocus minds and bring the Family back together.

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