Day Three of the Tom Boyd story, and there is talk that Celtic could be fined as much as £100,000 for his comments.

What a disgraceful suggestion that is from the hacks, who are at the forefront of this manufactured controversy.

This fulfils two useful functions for the press.

First, it keeps the pressure on Celtic, where they want it at this moment in time, and secondly, it is a useful distraction from Tom Boyd’s actual point, which is that if Beaton is not biased then he’s simply useless and shouldn’t be refereeing any game of any significance whether it involves our club or not.

We all know that Beaton shouldn’t be near a Celtic game.

The way that his visit to a Bellshill Ibrox fan bar on the night of a game against us which he refereed at that ground has been completely glossed over, and this is quite ridiculous when one considers that his officiating was so suspect that Celtic lodged an official complaint afterwards.

This brings up an old debate … that our refs are purer than pure, that talk of them being biased has no foundation.

This is not a new situation; we’ve been caught up in these scandals before.

If Celtic fans think there are conspiracies out there it’s because we’ve been in the midst of so many of these things.

The fact is, Celtic exists in a swirl of hatred … but we’re meant to believe that never once has that affected officials, and disenfranchised us on the pitch?

Let’s take a look at just a handful of incident – and there are many, many more I could have highlighted.