Celtic Is Trying To Replace Kieran Tierney. It Cannot Do It On The Cheap.

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The Rumour Guy posted this morning on the media and their embarrassing attempts to guess who Celtic’s signing targets are going to be in the next week.

But amidst all of it, one story had a ring of truth about it; Celtic low-balling their offer to Kilmarnock for Greg Taylor. It bears all the hallmarks of Peter Lawwell’s nonsensical “negotiating” style.

For God’s sake, this is Kieran Tierney we’re trying to replace here, a generational talent who went to a top EPL club for a £25 million fee. Taylor is either up to the job of slotting into the role Tierney vacated or he is not. If he is then he’s worth £3 million.

If he isn’t then the very act of making an offer for him is an attempt at window dressing whilst we get weaker every year.

Taylor’s either worth signing or he isn’t. I personally doubt it. I’d have us move on to targets who will certainly cost more, but where we’d be getting something approaching the finishing article.

We can certainly afford it, but I do not believe we’ll utilise our financial might.

Lawwell and the board are so out of touch with the wishes of the fans that it is genuinely scary. Many don’t want to see an SPL footballer replacing our left-back in the first place, and believe that even at £3 million we’re doing this job on the cheap, as we did when Dembele was sold and in the window that followed we bought Bayo.

But to simultaneously have us believe that Taylor should replace Tierney but that he’s not worth Kilmarnock’s asking price is a joke. He cannot be an adequate signing and at the same time not be worth the going rate. Celtic’s stance is farcical.

By the end of this window I’m going to take a proper look at where the squad stands and I don’t expect to be writing a positive article.

I’ll be blunt about that right now.

The job that needed done in the summer isn’t even half finished, and we’ve lost yet another top class footballer with no sign whatsoever that we will replace him well.

There’s less than a week to go and Lennon said he wanted three players in by the close of business; actually, he said he wanted them before the team flew off for Copenhagen. Does he know who it is he’s working for? The chances of that were somewhere between slim and none. The clock is ticking and as usual we’re leaving things to the last knockings.

What a way this club conducts its affairs. We have no ambition at all.

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