Does Europe’s Second Most Hateful Club Really Want To Sign James Forrest?

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Last night, another rumour about one of our players appeared.

This time it is James Forrest.

James is going to the media in its entirety in the next piece, but for now let’s focus on the rumour involving our winger because it is worth a look.

First, I think the story is nonsense.

Again, it’s a Scottish newspaper claiming to have sources where no Scottish paper possibly could.

But the story is worse than just mere transfer boloney; it tries to big up a club that no footballer should want to sign for.

Zenit St Petersburg are the second most hateful club in Europe, with fans who give those at Ibrox a run for their money as the worst supporters.

They are notorious bigots, as their latest signing found out this month when they greeted him with a banner which was not exactly welcoming.

In fact, the Celtic transfer story of the weekend got started because Yannick Bolasie of Everton point blank refusing to sign for Zenit because of their diabolical racist fans.

Yes, they have money.

Yes, they could probably offer any player a life changing opportunity, and no I don’t think the appearance of this story is a coincidence when Forrest is talking about staying at Celtic Park for life.

It is a reminder that there’s more cash out there than there is at our club.

But money is really the only selling point when it comes to Zenit.

Celtic fans ought not to be about this one.

Even if the story were true, I don’t think a footballer who has spent his life at our club is going to go off and play in front of those fans. Yes, a lot of folk have their heads turned by money these days but this isn’t Kieran being seduced by EPL gold and the chance to play for Arsenal.

This is Russia. This is a club whose fans are stone cold haters and thugs. All the money in the world won’t make this a good move for any player who values other things. This is not a benign institution in a temperate part of the world.

This is life under an autocratic government and having your name inserted into a song you can’t understand and wouldn’t want to.

If The Sun wants to unsettle Forrest, they need to present him with an invented offer he can’t refuse.

Not one that he any sane person would turn down.

Poor showing this from them, they really ought to have thought this one through.

The Rumour Guy is a Celtic fan and blogger from Glasgow. 

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