Greg Taylor Is On The Brink Of Signing For Celtic At Last.

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Celtic left-back Greg Taylor was dropped by his club today amidst talk that he is in Glasgow having a medical.

Social media followers say he has also deleted anything to do with the club from his Twitter account, which is a sure sign that a move is afoot.

BBC Sport has announced that the move is imminent; the left back position will soon have two players for it.

The size of the transfer fee is the only thing up for grabs.

A lot of our fans will be pretty underwhelmed by this deal, but I don’t really know what they expected. I never thought a top class European quality full-back was on the cards here; Celtic does not replace quality with anything like the same and this was never going to be an exceptional case.

We’ve signed two players for that area of the pitch and will probably end up having spent around £5 million between them.

It’s not bad, but I think we’re still weaker for it.

That won’t matter to Taylor. He clearly wanted the move to Celtic Park – and his club allegiance was never going to prevent that, not for one second – and he’s got the chance. He has to seize it. He faces a challenge and a half, where just getting into the team itself is going to be difficult enough, but when you consider who’s shoes he’s stepping into … brave kid.

We will always need a core of Scottish players; obviously, it would be better if we were able to hang onto those who we develop in-house.

But the important thing is that we’ve added another to this squad, and spent some money to do it.

We now have cover in both full-back positions.

It took a while, but we’re here.

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