Kris Boyd’s Attack On Celtic Fans Summed Up His Poisonous Media Career.

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Over the weekend, someone drew my attention to Kris Boyd’s latest piece of excrement, where he used the occasion of Celtic’s exit from the Champions League to launch a bitter attack on the fans.

It was not the fans who picked those ludicrous tactics or who failed to close down the Cluj forward line, but Boyd decided to skip over the manager and players and have a go at the supporters instead.

What a ridiculous article.

What a piece of absolute poison it was; a bitter, spiteful, hate-filled rant about our fans being “deluded” for thinking we should have the measure of teams from Romania.

Celtic have not “found their level” in the Europa League as this numpty suggests … we are, however, where our lack of ambition has put us.

But we are a Champions League club.

The trouble is, we have a third rate leadership with a second tier mind-set.

None of our last four exits from the top competition were against giants; all were teams we should have beat.

Boyd knows this.

His decision to focus on the fans was the act of a petty, small-minded little man who has a mammoth grudge against our club.

A national newspaper gave him the platform for this, and that’s the real problem.

This piece sums up the state of our media, and Boyd’s inexplicable rise in it.

How many real journalists can’t find work whilst the papers shovel money at idiots like this?

The press is obsessed with finding writers who market themselves as “controversial”; what this means is people unafraid to put in writing whatever arrant nonsense pops into their heads on a given day.

Boyd’s entire “media career” has been a triumph of ignorance.

His employers know that full well; he is the ultimate in “talking down” to the audience, the high water mark for aiming low.

At a time when a far more intelligent and insightful Boyd – our own Tom – is being criticised for having the guts to go where the media would not we have to put up with the wittering of this clown, where he makes no attempt to disguise what he’s about.

If this article resembles nothing more than an ad hominem attack, well you know what?

That’s what it’s meant to be, because that’s what his own article was.

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