Lennon Doesn’t Believe His Tactics Had “Any Bearing On The Game.” That Is Delusional.

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If you weren’t worried after Tuesday, or if you just weren’t worried enough, then now is the time to be, because Mr “Collective Responsibility” told the media at his press conference today that his tactics – his abysmal, amateurish, disastrous tactics – had “no bearing on the game.”

He also said the result would “galvanise” the club, as if that’s an acceptable response after we’ve been knocked out of the Champions League and that the board were “top class.”

He thinks our being knocked out was “undeserved.”

Rabid nonsense, the lot of it.

Dangerously disconnected from reality.

Ah hell, it’s difficult to know how to respond to this in a way that doesn’t involve writing a four letter word starting with F and ending in K over and over and over and over and over and over again, until it fills a page or two or ten.

I guess we should start by trying to understand what it is we’re reading.

First, he was not to blame for the performance the other night and the fantastic board are not to blame for his under-resourced squad and the club is finally awake after apparently being in a coma … just reading it makes your eyeballs bleed.

You can’t listen to that and come to any other conclusion than that he’s delusional and we are in a whole lot of trouble here, more than a single result suggests.

Not only is he standing up for the board which has thrown him under a bus but he refuses – just point blank refuses – to take a shred of responsibility for what happened the other night … or, if you want to present an alternative hypothesis, maybe he just doesn’t comprehend it.

How must the players be feeling, listening to that kind of nonsense coming out of his mouth?

Which of the two above scenarios scares you the most?

It doesn’t really matter.

If you’re not scared, then you’re as disconnected from reality as he appears to be.

I know all my own fears about this appointment are washing over me in waves right now and a routine win over Dunfermline tomorrow won’t alleviate them.

This is real, and it is serious.

If I were at Ibrox right now, I would be spreading my nostrils wide and taking in the sweet smell of blood in the air.

As it is, I’m hesitant to do the same because I know that after this today I’d catch a very different aroma, one that would make me sicker than I already feel.

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