Lennon Shouldn’t Worry About Keeping Players Happy, Only On Their Toes.

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Some of the hacks are slavering today over stories that we may be trying to bring in Greg Taylor.

Big shock.

The debate will eventually turn to what this means for Bolingoli, and whether Taylor will be “throwing away his career” by moving to a club to sit on the bench.

Please note; they’ve not said this yet, but I’ll give you odds that it’s going to be the party line.

They do it every time we sign a young Scottish player.

They did it with the last one we signed, Lewis Morgan, and look where he is now. He’s a first team footballer.

Other hacks are already slobbering nonsense about our three goalkeepers and the question of how we’re going to keep them all happy.

Today, Football Scotland is at it, asking about Scott Sinclair … it’s a variation on the same theme.

I’d like to know what happened with Sinclair … but that isn’t the point of their article at all … it’s more stirring of the soup.

You’d never guess that across the city they are now about four deep for every position in defence and midfield.

This is a question that only ever gets asked of us.

Neil Lennon should be glad for this arrant nonsense. He should relish the idea that players at the club are looking over their shoulders. I want Celtic players on their toes, I want them sweating that there is competition for places, and the manager should as well.

It has done our midfield the power of good.

It will work just as well for our defence, which for too many years has been under resourced.

If we get a right and left back before the window closes then, with Hatem Abd Elhamed able to double at central defence we’ll have better cover there than we have in a while.

Every player will benefit from that.

The press knows this, of course.

Which is why they try to spin it as a negative, and why they try to unsettle our players by highlighting it.

The team and the manager need to ignore it and press on. If – and this is a big if, I grant you – Lennon does get the players in, for every position he has identified, the competition for places will make see everyone better off.

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