More Kris Ajer Lies As The Media Continues Its Destabilization Campaign.

Image for More Kris Ajer Lies As The Media Continues Its Destabilization Campaign.

The media is trotting out more of its nonsense today on Kris Ajer.

Thank God this window shuts in a week, because no matter who we sign or don’t there will be no more of this until December. It really is too much at times.

The reports today revolve around Zenit, who are forever being linked with our players or so it seems to me. The latest suggest that they were weighing up a move for Ajer but were put off by the price-tag.

Actually, £15 million is a ridiculous sum for a player who is growing into a real top tier talent. That might get someone at Celtic to pick up the phone but that’s about it.

At this moment in I don’t believe there is any sum that would make Celtic part company with Ajer or any other member of the first team squad; the fans would just not stand for it.

I also refuse to believe that the hacks have an inside track at Zenit when they are fumbling all over the place in relation to a deal much closer to home.

This reeks of lazy journalism and a wee bit of stirring, a wee effort to unsettle another player at the club. You’ll notice that although the Ibrox club has slapped an £18 million on Morelos that nobody is biting? The media is trying to help them get a decent offer in for the guy because they know without one they’ll to keep on the lights.

Celtic does not need to sell anyone, and we frankly can’t afford to.

Ajer is integral to the club, and I don’t see any circumstances under which we’d allow him to go right now. Indeed, as I said a few days ago he has all the raw materials to be our next captain and can play just as well in the Scott Brown role as he does at the back.

A player like that, you hang onto for dear life.

Zenit St Petersburg may have a mountain of money, but they are a shamed club followed by the second worst fans in Europe. Going there is not a step forward in any player’s career, and Ajer could go from Celtic if that’s his eventual wish.

The about him today are further efforts to turn the heads of our players, and they should be ignored by every fan. The club itself should be banning the journalists who constantly write them. I do feel like we’re banging our heads on the wall with that one though.

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