Neil Lennon Must Not Let Lawwell Fob Him Off With Nothing But Loanees.

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The news today that we’re chasing some Leicester winger who most of us have never heard of on a one year loan deal surprises nobody, I’d bet. The only thing that was up for grabs was the name of the player, but the idea itself is a well-worn road.

It is shocking that we’re resorting to this when the club is sitting on a huge cash surplus. Are we really supposed to accept – is the manager really supposed to accept – that Kieran Tierney has been sold for a huge sum and that he will get none of it?

Why would anyone tolerate such an arrangement?

Since Tierney departed we’ve made two signings; both have been short term loans.

Now we’re facing bringing in a third. Lennon made his feelings on loanees clear last season when he used them only sparingly towards the end of the campaign.

It looks to a lot of people as if he’s rolled over and is content for Lawwell to fill his team with them.

If he accepts it he might as well accept that he will preside over further downsizing. He might as well accept that it’s a matter of time before other top names depart on his watch, and that when this happens he’ll need to make down with scraps to replace them.

Remember; an Ibrox club does not have to beat us in four games to take this title. They only have to be better than everyone else and hope that we inflict damage on ourselves. There is only so far that downsizing can go before it gives others a window to strike.

That we’re even looking at a loanee for the wide area anyway is outrageous when Scott Sinclair is being left to languish in the stands.

For a club that is supposed to be averse to stupid spending this strikes me as being particularly daft.

We know Sinclair, even when he’s not at his best, can make a contribution in Scotland, and so going out and signing some Leicester reserve is as un-necessary as it is troubling.

Honestly, I thought the manager would stand up for himself better than this.

Unless big things are happening behind the scenes it looks to a lot of folk as if Lennon is being royally messed about here by those above him at the club, and especially those who used their friends in the media and elsewhere to sell us garbage about how Lennon was being hired because he “knows how to spend lots of your money.” Aye, right.

As manager he was, at the very least, entitled to a chunk of the Tierney cash … and if he’s not even getting that then yes, they are hanging him out to dry.

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