Alan Brazil Claims There Are “Big Problems At Ibrox.” It Confirms What Most Of Us Suspect.

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Alan Brazil caused a bit of a stooshie this morning when he told his listeners on TalkSport that he has heard reports about “big problems” behind the scenes at Ibrox, much of it revolving around “their owner” Dave King.

“It’ll all come out in the wash,” Brazil said.

Well, the news of trouble over there is not exactly a major shock to us, is it?

Trouble at Ibrox is never behind them, just on the other side of the wheel and coming back round again.

That club is addicted to drama.

When their Director of Football quit last Friday night only a handful of media outlets went digging or were able to read between the lines.

I don’t give them credit for much – I vehemently dislike the rag in question – but The Daily Mail were one of those which got it spot on, and suggested that, in fact, Allen had been “mutually consented” partly because he failed to find clubs willing to take on the Ibrox dreck during the summer transfer window.

Whatever the story behind it, it was pretty plain that something dramatic was going on behind the scenes.

That was evident from the hour at which the story was broken; you only put out a major announcement like that at seven o’clock on a Friday night because you know there’ll be no serious analysis of it until Monday at least, when everyone’s moved on.

And that’s especially true with a football story, of course, as the bread and butter business tends to be getting done the following day, so that’s where the media’s focus is.

The Ibrox club has yet to file accounts for last season; there’s a good reason why.

They are expected to be horrendous, and if they can’t turn a profit in a Europa League year then you have to wonder when they can.

They could have offset similar damage this year by spending less … the panic buy signing of Ryan Kent has closed off that route of escape.

The Celtic bloggers wondered, when Kent was signed, just who in the Ibrox upper echelon was going to pay for that particular deal.

Because the club certainly can’t afford it.

They will need “external funding” to get through this campaign as it is, and that transfer deal is more expensive than makes any sense.

Somebody has to be writing cheques … and if you were an Ibrox director who saw your last tranche of debts turned into meaningless “shares” – toilet paper is probably more valuable – would you really be ready to do it all over again?

There are multiple directions from which “big problems” could be coming at that club.

Brazil hasn’t elaborated on what he’s heard, but I can tell you that the operating assumption for many people in the Scottish game is that the Ibrox club will suffer an administration event, and sooner rather than later, if they continue to operate as they are.

To those who reckon that this is just “wishful thinking” on the part of the bloggers, I would only point to our record.

We said that Whyte was a disaster and he was.

That Green was a dodgy geezer, and he turned out to be.

That King would lead them into courtroom battles and controversy and that there would never be a dull moment, and he’s proved us right.

We said that the Sports Direct deal lived on, in an even more dreadful form, when the media was hailing King’s “victory” over Mike Ashley; we all know how that turned out.

We said King had broken the law over his takeover.

The City of London duly obliged us with court cases and finally a threat to send him to prison, and only then did he comply.

We said that Warburton was an accident waiting to happen.

That Caixinha was hired via Skype and would prove to be another hilarious chapter in the Banter Years.

We said Gerrard’s appointment was bling, and that he would prove out of his depth and so far so good on that one … I think over the piece our record has been pretty strong.

Yet the lights are still on at Ibrox. At the moment.

But myself, Phil MacGiollabhain and Paul Brennan were writing about the coming downfall of Rangers in 2009 … it was three more years until the walls came tumbling down.

We can all wait a while yet.

The show’s going to be fun in the meantime, so get the popcorn in and put the jelly and ice cream on hold.

We’ll all get to enjoy them soon enough.

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