Amidst More Gibbering Lunacy Over Edouard, Here’s An Uncomfortable Truth For Sevco.

Image for Amidst More Gibbering Lunacy Over Edouard, Here’s An Uncomfortable Truth For Sevco.

The Record has given its Sevco blogger – it’s official one as opposed to those who actually masquerade as “neutral” journalists – free reign to write more rot today and he’s produced a piece which says that, actually, his team has two better strikers than Edouard.

This comes on the heels of Charlie Adam banging the Morelos drum in midweek.

As I’ve written already, only absolute morons are still having this ridiculous debate when everyone who watches football and who knows what they’re looking at can see clearly that Edouard is going to be a superstar and is already miles in front of anyone else in the Scottish game.

Furthermore, as I said yesterday, Griffiths is Scotland’s second best striker.

Yet let us, just for one moment, put ourselves into the febrile imaginations of these people and dare to dip a toe into the Stygian waters of their lunacy … a toe should be safe provided we don’t slip on the riverbank and plunge headfirst in.

Let’s imagine that Morelos and Defoe are, indeed, better than Edouard.

What does it mean?

Defoe is creaking like a door with bad hinges. They won’t realise a huge transfer fee for him when he hangs up his boots for the last time, so that’s a moot issue as well. Morelos … well the media has to invent interest in him so there’s nothing there either.

Edouard, when he goes, will be worth more than both of put together … and the rest of the Ibrox squad too probably.

But of course, this isn’t really about money. It’s about the overall contribution these guys make to the team, right? Let’s do a proper analysis of that.

Well for a start, Gerrard plays with one upfront like we do so you’ll rarely get both of them on the pitch at the same time. So whether they’re both better or not is largely moot if Edouard is scoring goals and you’re only playing one of them at a time.

These guys are practically carrying the Sevco team at the moment. Take out of the side for a spell and what do you have? Crisis. Celtic could Edouard, and perhaps even and Griffiths at the same time and still be about scoring.

Ryan Christie has 11 goals already.

Forrest has 8.

Mike Johnson would be on a similar number but for his injury; he already had 4.

Sinclair has 2 and has hardly featured.

has just made his comeback and has one.

Ntcham and McGregor have 3 apiece … we have Shved who’s hardly played, Elyounoussi to hit his stride … there are goals everywhere in this team.

There are a half dozen players in this squad who will probably finish the season on double figures in terms of goals.

Christie has already got there and Forrest is and neither is a striker.

The scoring power of our team is extraordinary and it will tell over the campaign.

The gibbering lunatics who think Morelos and Defoe are better strikers than Edouard can rattle their bars all they like. Even if it were true, it’s a non-issue in terms of the destination of the league flag and the major honours. We will outscore their rag-bag mob all season long.

And that’s what wins titles, and it’s why we’ll this one.

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