Date: 3rd September 2019 at 5:12pm
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The only surprising thing about Barasic telling the media how great his team are, how unconcerned they are by Celtic and how much confidence they have in Gerrard is that player himself was on the way out of the club not that long ago but was rehabilitated by a single goal from a direct free kick and this has somehow convinced people he’s got something.

But I suppose if Ryan Kent is worth £7 million because he punched Scott Brown there’s really that should surprise us about what they in their players.

I often marvel at the total lack of discipline at Ibrox, either on or off the park.

In the weekend where Gerrard praised his players and said lessons had been learned from the last campaign, one was sent off and another was lucky to stay on the pitch. Which says nothing of Morelos and his usual plethora of wee fly kicks and digs when the camera wasn’t on him.

They couldn’t spell the word discipline this lot, and that extends to what happens after the game.

There is always some mouth running like a car with the accelerator pedal pushed all the way to the floor.

There’s always some bombastic prediction, even after a major reversal.

So it’s proved here, with Barasic leading the way to tell us how unconcerned they are.

It’s kind of mind-blowing for this guy to be talking all being calm when the club itself has just initiated a suicidal panic-buy of a Liverpool reserve to keep the fans online, and this after Gerrard has said there would be no more business and quite explicitly said they’d moved on from pursuing the player.

None of that is being mentioned in the media, who are quite happy to go along with the narrative of the club pursuing its “first target” all the way to the wire.

But some of us know panic when we smell it, and it’s wafting out of Ibrox just now like a fart caught on the wind.

You’d think though that there would be enough in the dressing room for the manager to get hold of his players and tell them that a period of radio silence is required, at least until they start showing signs of form again.

This is what we expect from them, and the media eats this stuff up.

We outfought them, outthought them and outplayed them at the weekend.

We gave them in a lesson in why we’re champions and they are not.

We showed them the difference between talking and doing … we showed them what words are worth.

Not very much, and on the pitch nothing at all.

And still they aren’t getting it.


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