Celtic Is Ready To Use Every Weapon In The Arsenal To Secure Nine In A Row.

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to day of a peace summit between the manager and Scott Sinclair are more than just welcome, they are necessary.

Scott is too a footballing weapon to be left in the stands. E-Tims has gone further and said there is a cadre of footballers at Lennoxtown who want to be selected in the first team squad are staking their claim in a big way.

Not only was this expected, it just so happens that it’s necessary too. This team is full of talented players and not all of them can start every weekend. But I want each of them to want to start. I don’t want players here to sit on the bench and collect a wage.

We have the most talented squad in Scotland.

You might not realise that based on the outpouring of hype around Ibrox, but it’s a fact nonetheless. As I said yesterday, there are players in the team who need a rest and it makes sense for us to utilise this big squad of ours to the greatest, and most devastating effect.

Today’s about Sinclair suggests that this is exactly what we’re going to do, and the manager has already shown us he’s prepared to with the decision to go with Bayo up front against Hearts. That he took his chance when it presented itself will only have convinced the manager he got that one right.

The team needs as many players as it can get.

It is difficult to believe that Scott Sinclair couldn’t give us something this season; last season wasn’t the best of his career but he chipped in with 17 goals.

When one considers the honey being poured all over Ryan Kent for a total that was paltry by comparison, it should be terrifying to teams that we can afford to leave a of this quality out of the squad entirely.

If he’s being brought back to the team that’s only a thing for us and a bad thing for everyone else.

And if Scott’s going to get his chance then a lot of other players will too. Shved, Bayo, even Eboue should all feature in the next few weeks and if you doubt that you only need to look at the turnaround, the renaissance, of Nir Bitton, who has become invaluable.

This time last year most of us thought Ryan Christie probably had no future at the club; now he is an essential part of the first team and starring for Scotland too.

The full resources of Celtic are about to be unleashed in the quest for nine in a row.

This is what you build a big squad for.

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