The Record’s Latest Edouard v Morelos Piece Is Like The Desperate Flailing Of A Drowning Man.

Image for The Record’s Latest Edouard v Morelos Piece Is Like The Desperate Flailing Of A Drowning Man.

The Record did another piece today on the “debate” over whether Morelos or Odsonne Edouard is the better striker.

According to this sub-par nonsense the “debate rages on.”

Does it really?

I’m moved to wonder what debate they are on about.

Nobody who I know thinks there’s a debate to be had here. It was decided long ago.

Why’s this been resurrected? It’s because for reasons known only to themselves the paper decided to ask Joe Shaughnessy, the St Johnstone defender, to rate the two of them based on the times he has faced them. What a ridiculous article this is, as I’m sure you can imagine.

Shock horror, he chose Morelos.

There was never much doubt. I wonder how many players and pundits The Record phoned before they got the answer they wanted.

“Most observers accept that Rangers and Celtic will eventually cash in on ?Morelos and Edouard – making a huge profit in the process,” says Scott McDermott, the writer of this idiotic piece. And where is the evidence that Morelos will net the Ibrox club a huge profit?

Where is the queue of teams beating down their door?

It’s nowhere.

Their manager freely admits this; nobody is interested in him. He’s so low-rated amongst top clubs that the press in this country and the Ibrox PR team were inspired to invent interest from China in the hope that it would drum up some real bids.

Edouard has scored five times against the struggling NewCo. Morelos has never managed a goal against us. Not one. Edouard’s goals include a match winner at Ibrox when we had ten men on the park. There is no better footballer in this country.

I don’t care how many SPL players The Daily Record can dig up to suggest different. Morelos is Kris Boyd with dark skin and a more glamourous backstory … have you seen him lately? He looks like he’s been wolfing down the Monster Munch as well.

This is the player, don’t forget, who his own manager has benched in favour of 37-year-old Jermaine Defoe, who moves like a shopping trolley with a stuck wheel.

No wonder The Record is floundering.

Have you seen their numbers lately?

They drop lower every year.

Sales figures from January this year showed an 11% drop from the numbers just 12 months prior … they sell in the region of 120,000 copies … from a population of 5.4 million. And demographic research shows that their audience is predominately male, predominantly unionist and follows one certain club.

They are down to the core audience.

Which is what this shameless pandering to Ibrox is about. Because really, only idiots are still discussing this comparison seriously. Only complete morons are still having this “debate.”

It was over a long time ago. It’s Eddie. He’s top man.

We all “wanna be Edouard.”

Even Morelos wants to be him.

I wanna be Edouard ????????????????????

Posted by Once a Tim on Sunday, August 11, 2019

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