Celtic’s Campaigning Female Fans Are Really On The Ball. We Are All Proud Of Their Achievements.

Image for Celtic’s Campaigning Female Fans Are Really On The Ball. We Are All Proud Of Their Achievements.

I am proud of our club and our fans for many reasons.

This is another reason to add to the long list.

Three female Celtic supporters, who campaigned for our club to introduce free sanitary towels at the ground, are celebrating this week after their campaign, On The Ball, was announced to have gone global.

They’ve published details confirming that more than a hundred clubs, from across the world, have signed up to the scheme. This is a truly remarkable accomplishment.

This all started out with Celtic fans, of course.

These ladies wanted the scheme introduced at Celtic Park after studies had shown, appallingly, that many from poorer backgrounds cannot afford to regularly buy sanitary products. Period is a huge problem, and one that is seldom brought out into the light, but Orlaith Duffy, Erin Slaven and Mikaela McKinley decided to do just that with their brainchild idea, and kudos to them for it. I don’t know if they were prepared for the response they received from Celtic, let alone the other hundred clubs worldwide!

The club enthusiastically embraced the concept and became the first club in Britain to provide free sanitary products, and where they (and the ladies) led others have followed.

Celtic’s spokesman said, ‘When we were approached on this issue we were delighted to engage with the group on this project and of course we are delighted to become the first club in the UK to such a service. We congratulate Erin, Mikaela and Orlaith for all their work in this area and wish them every success on their wider, ongoing campaign.’

Period is very real and very debilitating, not to mention being something of a taboo, and I am blown away by the actions of these three who decided to do something for their fellow women supporters.

The reach of this is breathtaking already.

Who knows how much further it will go.

Female football supporters are many, and come from all walks of life. As a season ticket holder, I love to look around me at Celtic Park and see a huge number of at matches. Gone are the days of a male-dominated support.

are here and we are passionate about the game, the team and the club. We come along, week in and week out, to support our team and club, and this week’s news shows that our club is taking us seriously and giving support back.

Congratulations ladies!

Congratulations Celtic!

You did a great thing.

Michaela Rodger is a budding writer and photographer. She spent much of her young life in the East End of Glasgow and has supported Celtic since her Dad took her to her first match as a young teenager.

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