Edouard Is Scotland’s Best Striker. Only Idiots Dispute This. Step Forward Ian McCall.

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I’ve written several times on this site about how the debate over who Scotland’s best striker is can only be had on the margins, on the fringes, not of but of rationality itself.

There is simply no credible person who believes that Odsonne Edouard is an inferior striker to Alfredo Morelos, which is where this ludicrous debate is centred.

But I believe in offering partial credit for imagination and flair in an argument, so tonight part of me is quite torn because on the one hand I want to congratulate Ian McCall for the inspired decision to say that Scotland’s best striker isn’t either of them, but at the same time I cannot help but feel real for his point at the view at the same time.

McCall thinks that the best striker in Scotland is Jermaine Defoe.

It’s original. It’s also quite simply barking mad, and a laughable idea.

I think Defoe would be to be considered the fourth best striker in the country, as ’s boy Sam Cosgrove would get in any team I was running well in front of the Englishman.

I would like to put this down to “the cringe”; the idea that the lowliest and most clapped out former star is a better player than anyone in our domestic top flight, but in fact it’s not that at all. I would like to say that McCall is simply another pro-Sevco eejit who’s decided to blow some smoke and create a debate where there is none, but it’s not just that either.

Oh it’s definitely part cringe, part blue tinted specs, but there’s something else too.

McCall is an idiot. He’s another personality, in the game and of the game, who doesn’t appear to understand the game at all.

This manager with his clearly superior eye for a player is managing at Ayr United right now, not Manchester United.

There’s just no way that this can be taken seriously.

I said in an earlier piece that the debate over whether Edouard was Scotland’s best striker was only being had by idiots.

This week their front man stepped forward and spoke on their behalf.

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