French Eddie Shows His Quality With A Slap Back At The Hacks Who Want To See Him Gone.

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Today French Eddie won the player of the month award. I couldn’t be happier about that.

He has been brilliant for us recently, and August was huge for him and he was a big success.

It was not only his goals, but his overall play.

September started with a bang too, and although the trophy wasn’t for that I thought he was absolutely magnificent at Ibrox.

He scored one and he played a starring role in the second.

The moment it became undeniable even to the hacks that he was, far and away, the best footballer in the whole country, well you knew what would happen.

His class is now undeniable.

He is miles in front of any other footballer in his position, and outside of Celtic Park he has no real competition for the title of best player in the league. He represents a clear and present danger to the Ibrox club’s hopes – which were already pretty faint – of stopping the march towards ten in a row.

Our enemies need him to go.

The sad thing for them is that even if he does we’ll net a transfer jackpot the likes of which Scottish football has never seen.

But that’s a long way away, and he made that plain today when picking up his award. Talking, as everyone at the club does, about the team, the team, the team he encapsulates what makes us great right now. That sense that everyone at Celtic is in this together.

Unbelievably, on a day of triumph for the player, all the hacks wanted to know was whether or not he was interested in the transfer speculation which suddenly surrounds him.

Scandalous, right? But he gave the answer we all wish Tierney had given, he said the words that everyone wanted – that everyone needed – to hear.

Everyone except the hacks.

“I actually didn’t know about this (the report) and it doesn’t really matter. At the moment I’m a Celtic player,” he said. Words that must have been devastating to the media present. “I’ve got a season to play, I’ve got a long contract, I’m really happy with the way I’m playing, the set-up here and I’m really happy to play with my friends for the team.” He went on, “The main thing at the moment is I’m a Celtic player and I’m happy to be a Celtic player.”

End of story. End of speculation. Or it should be.

It won’t be, of course, but it’s fantastic that he’s at least tried to shoot this lot down.

He has given the press a slap and pledged himself to the club.


The same quality off the park as he has consistently shown on it.

No wonder so many of us “wanna be Edouard.”

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