Oh man, for this one you can blame me.

This was an editorial screw up of epic proportions, and I’m accountable for it.

Because Ross submitted this piece to me at the end of last month at it really should have run before Ibrox, because Ibrox changed a lot of perceptions and has pretty much made me look a bit silly to say the least. For what’s right here, praise him. For what’s wrong, blame me.

Yes, we’ve played one game since the turn of the month … but Hell, it was kind of a big one.

Ross did a fantastic job on this, and it’ll be the first of many … but we both agree that it now looks “hilariously dated.”

Except … maybe not.

You can decide.

This is our State of the Club on 31 August.

James Forrest

Everything beyond this was put together – brilliantly – by Ross McAtasney.