It’s High Time Scottish Football Stopped Praising Teams Who Don’t Even Try To Win.

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Last year, my man David Campbell wrote a similar article to this, after watching what I daresay was a very similar game.

One of those ones where one team tried and the other didn’t.

Today Hibs snatched a 1-1 draw in spite of having had not one shot on target.

Yet everywhere online and in the media I see people congratulating them on “earning a point.”

Really? Because at the time of writing this they are second bottom of the table … after dropping two points to all the clubs around them.

Maybe some folk haven’t twigged that there are two teams who should see a draw as a bad result, but I assure you it’s true.

It’s high time people stopped heaping praise on teams that play for a point.

It’s the absolute pits of football ambition, dreadful to watch and that so many teams do it and get kudos for it is the only logical reason it continues.

That and the fact Hibs fans were gleeful at full time as if their club had done more than hang on for dear life.

Look at the league table when the games finish today; I really don’t know what Hibs fans are so happy about.

They were sneering at Hearts fans this time last week, and I watched as their team conspired to throw away more points in a game where they had the lead and where their manager resorted to grotesque negativity in an to hang onto them.

So this wasn’t just about us today; the Hibs manager seems to think that there is some virtue in playing like that. Yet instead of reflecting on that, he’s actually screaming to the media tonight about how Ntcham should have been sent off and how his team was “let down” by the officials.

That would be the officials who denied us two clear-cut penalties.

When you need to deflect you’ll grab what you can get I suppose.

But his team is very fortunate that are losing to at the moment, because if that result was reversed they would be bottom of the SPL tonight and then perhaps all this talk of “gaining a point” would be clearly revealed as the rubbish that it is.

It celebrates mediocrity.

Since when do we praise that?

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