“Losing Is The New Winning.” The Latest Sevco Logic After Our Excellent Ibrox Win.

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Well, what else is there to say but wow?

You know what? I’ve kind of been waiting for this, and there’s a great analogy for it.

In the fantastic HBO series Rome, Caesar is marching on the great capital.

The Senate, in a panic, realises that there is not enough time to muster the armies that would be required to guarantee victory, and these old men are now considering their options.

Caesar’s former co-consul, the once renowned general Pompey Magnus (literally Pompey the Great) is trying to convince his fellow Senators to leave the city immediately, to head south and muster their armies there. Then, when they’ve done so, he plans to take the city back.

“Abandon Rome?” Cato asks him, incredulous. “Have you gone mad?”

Cato – and indeed, judging by their faces, everyone else in the room – understands the symbolic significance of the decision and understands that winning wars is about more than just men at arms. Cato sees clearly, in that moment, that Pompey’s reputation will be in ruins, and he is not in the mood to sugar-coat it. He delivers his verdict on the “strategy” with withering mockery, and it’s all the more devastating as he, himself, would never bend.

“So this is not a humiliating defeat at all, but a rare species of victory?” he asks, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “You have lost Rome without unsheathing your sword.”

That “rare species of victory” has come to Glasgow it seems.

“Why Rangers’ Celtic loss was ‘a good experience’ for Steven Gerrard’s side” is the headline in The Express.

And you kind of marvel at the brazenness of that when you read it. It is the most naked attempt so far to spin the result as something else.

This is from a bizarre interview with their English tier four central defender George Edmunson, who was engaged in the old Ibrox bravado even as he was making this pitiful excuse.

“It was a good experience, even though the result was not the best,” he said. Tell that to the fans who were going tonto after the game. “But we have watched it back, we learn from it and we go again. The atmosphere was good … but (it) will be better next time – when we win!”

Idiotic remarks, as I’m sure you’ll agree; it’s like they just can’t stop themselves from setting up the next humilation.

But as daft as those remarks are, they are nowhere near as dumb as that headline and the idea behind it which, to put it simply, amounts to this;

Losing is the new winning.

Have you ever heard such utter nonsense in your life?

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