Mark Allen Does Walking Away. Is He The First To Leap Off The Ibrox Sinking Ship?

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Mark Allen is leaving Ibrox, according to a statement they’ve just put up on their website.

It says he is the one who told them he was going, partly for family reasons.

The club has posted a fulsome statement thanking him for all his hard work over the last couple of years and said he’s going to “explore other opportunities.”

This timing seems odd to me, considering it’s only ten days since he was all over the papers talking up all the stuff the club has been doing behind the scenes. A Friday night at quarter past eight seems like an odd time to say farewell to such a high profile member of staff.

So what’s really going on here? If it’s up to the mainstream media we’ll never find out, but he and Gerrard had a good working relationship and they seemed pretty pleased with themselves when they last appeared in front of the press together.

This guy has presided over an insane level of spending, for which the club could eventually pay a high, high price.

Their last set of accounts aren’t out yet, but are due, and most of us reckon they are going to be catastrophic.

With the splurge from this close season, topped up by their utter failure to sell a single first team player in spite of an obvious need to, and the ridiculous over-reaction to the Ibrox defeat where they signed Ryan Kent, next year’s numbers might be worse.

So you have to wonder – and the press isn’t going to write this – if Allen isn’t jumping in advance of bad news and the need for dramatic downsizing? They can only delay those accounts for so long, and if they are as bad as many of us think, even in a season with Europa League Group Stage football, then those cuts are definitely going to come.

People will say that this is just blowing smoke, but the timing of this announcement is suspect and that makes my antennae twitch.

Where’s there’s smoke at Ibrox, you can usually find something burning.

It so typical of that club and they usually do this when they’re trying to bury bad news.

The resignation – for that’s what they are saying this is – of a major member of the board is usually a sign of stuff going on behind the scenes … and they want to avoid questions over it.

They wanted this buried by the games tomorrow.

So we’re entitled to wonder what this is really all about.

There’s a story here, and a lot of people are going to be digging like mad to find out what it is.

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