It seems hard to imagine that there is an issue which could cause more disagreement and argument than Brexit.

But there is.

If you want a real challenge, a conundrum seemingly impossible to resolve, try picking the greatest Celtic 11 that you’ve ever seen.

And even harder than that, see if you get to agree with all of your .

With the impending arrival of my 40th , the topic arose of the best Celtic players in my lifetime, and how they would fit into an ideal first XI.

To be clear (and to try and explain some choices), there were some criteria involved in the final selection:

1) The players had to be those I regularly remember watching.

Although born in 1979 and attending my first game in 1981, around 1987 is the time of my first real footballing memories.

2) Players had to have been on Celtic’s books for at least two seasons.

Some outstanding players did less (Di Canio, Cadete, etc) and that questions their commitment, so no place.

3) The aim was to pick the best possible team, not simply the most exciting players.

Otherwise it might have been a 1-4-6 formation (with no goalkeeper).

This is the selection.

The arguments will no doubt follow.