Ojo’s “Best In Scotland” Comments Prove That Ibrox’s Mouthy Squad Never Learn.

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After every high profile victory in Sevconia you get this.

You get mouth.

You get an overflow of ego and arrogance and that makes you wonder if you were watching Barcelona at their peak all this time instead of a long ball SPL club run by a novice.

Seriously, what is it with these Peepul?

Ojo is telling the press that they have the best team in Scotland over there.

I don’t want to rain on his parade but last time I checked it was us sitting at the top of the SPL and with the last nine domestic trophies tucked away.

I blame the manager for this of course., for not enforcing discipline at the club.

He will carry the can when this big talk blows up in their faces.

Since arriving in Scotland he’s won a lot of plaudits – for reasons I can’t quite fathom – but no major honours.

We went to their ground last month and beat them comfortably.

You’d think they’d have learned some humility from that result, but not a bit of it of course.

There is no such thing as humility over there, it is something they’ve never taken on board and never will.

The media is delirious over a home win against a drowning Aberdeen side which rolled up with a half dozen first team footballers out injured and managed by a guy unable to get the better of Craig Levein. It’s the same euphoria they were expressing before a ball had even been kicked, and which they were booming out to the world before we played them … and beat them.

When they talk about Gerrard’s “great start” to this season they somehow manage to ignore that we went to their ground and comfortably secured three points.

Mark Hendry’s gushing Evening Times piece today opens with this rank nonsense;

“It may well only be September, but we really do have a fight on our hands at the business end of the Scottish Premiership table. Forget Celtic’s dominant win over Rangers at Ibrox for just a minute …”

Yeah because that might challenge perceptions a wee bit that, eah?

Look at the league table – where we’ve been top since the opening day. That is how this stuff is usually measured … eight flags in a row and nine domestic trophies, and this is to say nothing of the head-to-head record for this campaign which has us ahead there too.

What egos they have over there.

What an absolute pleasure it is going to be when they next slip up.

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