Robbie Savage’s Latest Anti-Celtic Rant Is Proof Of His Growing Obsession With Us.

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Robbie Savage continues to be obsessed with Celtic.

How many times has he done this now? How many times has he uttered some stupid, banal, facile remark about us in recent years? A lot. Too many.

Today it’s about how no Celtic player would even get into the Leicester side.

It’s not even a point I want to debate.

It’s not worth my firing up brain cells for.

His former club would be deep in our shadow without the Sky TV money and everyone knows it, including Savage himself.

The point is ridiculous, and absolutely unworthy of serious discussion.

Robbie Savage is an ex-footballer based in England with no connection to Scotland whatsoever.

He won a single major honour as a player – a League Cup at Leicester, courtesy of the genius of Martin O’Neill. He was smart enough to realise that he doesn’t know enough about the game in which he played to have even attempted coaching far less management, but that’s about as smart as it gets.

He drifted towards punditry; the last refuge of the idiot in football.

There are a handful of them who are actually articulate and knowledgeable about the sport and he certainly isn’t one of them. He ended up on BT Sport, where he does their news show. There, he is famous for only one thing; an antagonistic relationship with Chris Sutton that is only part theatre.

If you’ve ever listened to him, he has all the grace and actual understanding of football as the loud braggart in the pub who you wish would just shut it and let the rest of the punters enjoy the games in peace. If he wasn’t on the show no-one would clamour to have him there.

He self-identifies as a “Rangers fan”, although he’s somewhat late to the party on that one as that club no longer exists. Curiously, he once self-identified as a Celtic fan. He freely admits this and claims that he “switched sides” – despite not a living soul caring one way or the other – because of Gerrard. He says he liked Celtic when O’Neill, Hartson and Lennon were there and now, because he’s a Gerrard fan, he’s now more associated with Sevco.

But associated in who’s mind other than his own?

It all reeks of obsession to me, self-obsession yes, for sure, an eejit who likes the sound of his own voice, but a growing, troubling, one with our club. His identification with us was not something a single Celtic supporter I know would have encouraged. His identification with Ibrox is laughable, fodder only for gibbering loons who would have applauded Peter Sutcliffe if he’d said he had a place in his heart for their shambles of a club.

Even before Gerrard washed up at Ibrox, this guy was taking shots at us whenever he wanted his name in the papers.

He’s never needed an excuse, far less a good reason.

As an English based pundit there’s no reason for him to be talking about Scottish football in the first place.

So where has this attitude towards our club come from?

Well it might be something to do with the fact that he once said he’d have walked to Celtic Park but never got the call … and was never likely to. But his Ibrox love-in is especially bizarre as he once begged Sevco to sign him when they were in the third tier in Scotland and even they didn’t want him, even when he said he’d play for free. (Not that he meant that.)

Frankly, this article is more attention than he’s due … and so I make this pledge.

No matter what he might say in the future he’s getting nothing more on this blog.

I have no doubt that other sites will continue to cover him because he will continue to find reasons to talk about us, over and over and over and over again.

And if he doesn’t have them he’ll do what he’s done here; he’ll pick an issue at random so it gets his picture in the papers.


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