Scott Brown Shows Again That His Class Off The Pitch Is The Equal To His Quality On It.

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Excellent comments today from Scott Brown, as he thanked all the people – on all sides, but especially the Ibrox fans – who offered him support over the sick taunt he had to endure, and which was filmed, in the aftermath of our win there.

We all know that Brown is a superb leader on the field, but what’s often ignored is this man’s quality off the park. I have read some real trash about Brown over the years, and numerous hacks have said he doesn’t belong in the pantheon of Celtic greats … they are talking crap.

He is a true ambassador for this club on and off the pitch.

The treatment he’s had from the media has been scandalous at times.

The way they’ve questioned his discipline, when his record is better than most. The way they’ve questioned his professionalism when, after games, he has celebrated with the fans … and they’ve snarked at the way he doesn’t miss when it comes to taking his critics on.

I don’t understand their intense dislike for him … or rather, I do, but can’t quite believe it at times.

Some of them will never give him the benefit of the doubt … not that he needs it.

His quality is not in the slightest doubt to those who’s opinions matter to him.

Brown picks up a lot of yellow cards, but think of the composure it takes when you’ve had a booking early in a game to go through the rest of it without altering your game one bit.

Think of what it takes to find that extra gear every time it matters.

Imagine having to read some of the guff they’ve written about him being past it, and about what other clubs will do to us.

And Brown rises above it all.

Even when he’s in front of the media after a big win, and he’s silenced everyone, he’s never gratuitous.

His comments are always measured. He focusses on the team, not on his own individual performances.

It’s all about the rest of the club … and doing right by the fans. I love this guy.

He’s the club’s best on-field leader in my lifetime.

But what an example he sets off of it too. I’ve lost count of the number of our young players who’ve said what an inspiration he is to them and how much time he spends giving them pointers and lessons and stuff like that. He doesn’t advertise it, but he does a tremendous amount for good causes too.

He is a model of what Celtic represents.

Today was especially brilliant from him. There are a lot of people in Scottish football – the likes of Nacho Novo come to mind – who want to focus attention only on the ugly aspects, because that suits their own agenda and their own bitter viewpoint.

Some in the media have tried to sensationalise his remarks, but Scott focussed on the best aspects of the fans today, on the good people within all the supports.

That’s the kind of man he is.

That’s the kind of captain, the kind of leader, we’ve got.

I’m really very proud of the man, and I’m glad he represents our club.

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