Date: 3rd September 2019 at 7:31pm
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Celtic and the Ibrox club have released their prices for the Europa League, and the Ibrox club’s fans are fuming at being charged £40 more over the three games. Last night they were gleeful over signing Ryan Kent; today it’s become clear who’s paying for him.

They are.

And they don’t seem terribly happy about it …

To be fair, Celtic had a lot of making up to do.

The board at Parkhead know the club should be playing in the Champions League and they were never going to get away with charging prices in keeping with that tournament. Our own ticket package isn’t cheap, but it was never going to be as expensive as all that.

Fans simply wouldn’t have stood for it.

The Ibrox fans are shocked at their own board behaving so cynically. I don’t know why. When Kent’s signing was confirmed last night, they slapped his first interview on their online TV channel … and charged fans a quid a time to watch it.

They got a bargain. Once an entire Ibrox club changed hands for that.

A quick count on one of their sites says the Ibrox club’s price increase would, ordinarily, net around £1.6 million extra.

That’s not a lot of money. Our 10,000 extra seats nets about £1 million more than they would make if the prices were the same. They can rip their fans off as much as they like, but they are never going to make up the finance gap like this.

In the end, I really don’t know why they are moaning.

A three ticket package at just over £110 is about reasonable.

But when they look across the city and see our packages at £72 the nostrils flare and the madness gets loose.

If you want to have nice things – like players who punch rival team captains – they have to be paid for somehow.

Did they really think the cash was coming out of Dodgy Dave’s pockets?


My God, there really is a mug born every minute, right?

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