Date: 3rd September 2019 at 1:21pm
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Oh man, oh man.

Brace yourselves for this one. This is Ibrox Noise Up’s latest mental theory, and it’s one I’ve read elsewhere. It’s one thing people suggesting this lunacy on forums, but this a major website pushing an idea so moon-howling crazy that it stuns you.

You ready for this?

Gerrard deliberately set out to lose at the weekend, picking the wrong team and the wrong , so that he could hold Dave ’s feet to the fire and get the money for Kent. This was not a manager making a mess of things, it was a cunning stratagem.

I know these people are desperately clinging to a fading hope … but come on. Can they really, honestly, believe this absolute guff? Apparently some of them do.

So let’s look at this rationally … I know, that’s not going to be easy to do … let’s try and track the logic of it, just for a minute. Because it’s fascinating to me how they got here.

This is how the equation; this is the calculation …

Gerrard deliberately selected a weakened team, risking the wrath of his chairman, the fans, and the media, and gave Neil the upper hand.

He sacrificed his unbeaten record this season, handed Celtic a momentous psychological advantage and a three-point lead in the league when every won when the other side loses them is going to be solid gold.

He did this knowing that he has to come to Celtic Park next.

He made fans and the media ask serious questions about his and his team’s ability, and shattered the confidence that has been building all through the .

And he did it to blackmail King, to overpay for a player with money they don’t have and who helped them to win nothing last season.

“Did Steven Gerrard deliberately send out an idiotic formation and wrong selections in order to reduce (our) chances of winning the Old Firm and ‘force’ the board into sanctioning the £7M for Kent?” this lunatic website asks its readers.

“Something doesn’t quite add up, does it. Why change a winning side into a bizarre system that doesn’t even fit the players you’ve selected?”

Except … the side that beat us in May played in exactly the same system, with almost exactly the same players, and the only two differences were McGregor played this time and Kent played last time.

Would Kent have made a difference at the weekend?

Did he make a difference at Celtic Park?

Of course not.

We turned up this time, that’s what happened.

This is really stuff, stuff so painfully awful you could almost feel sorry for these Peepul if you weren’t so busy laughing at them.

We won at the weekend. I’m sorry that this fact has broken apart the bubble in which they have been camped for the last few months. We won because we have the better players, the better manager, the winning and, this time, in a match which mattered.

The sooner they start facing up to the reality of this the sooner they will be ready for the hammer blows that come next. They are in complete denial as to what this weekend meant. They are retreating back into fantasy at just the moment we forced them to confront truth.

is going to happen … they are nowhere near ready to deal with that.

Ten in a row is virtually certain.

They are definitely not ready for that.

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