The Media Hits A Brand New Low As They Unmask Gerrard’s Secret Weapon In Europe.

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What an embarrassment our press is. What sycophantic suck-ups.

We know that they believe the sun shines out of Gerrard’s backside, that his famous name is all they can see, but the guff they write in praise of that name gets more ridiculous by the day.

This morning, The Daily Record was trailing his exploiting of a “little know UEFA rule” that factored into his beating the Dutch club Feyenoord on Thursday night. It was so obviously a click-bait headline, but what, I’m sure many of us wondered, was that astonishing advantage Gerrard had been able to find and which had eluded all the other managers in the game?

And if you don’t know already it was this; multi-ball.

Yes, Steven Gerrard is winning praise for discovering something that every manager in Europe was already well aware of and which I’ve seen used in games in three competitions now; the Champions League, the Europa League and the European Championships.

Fraser Wilson’s pitiful headline reads thus; “Steven Gerrard reveals how Rangers used little-known UEFA rule to their advantage against Feyenoord.”

What a genius he is.

What talent Ibrox has at its disposal!

There’s just one catch here, and I’ll let Gerrard himself tell you what it is.

“The multi-ball system makes a difference when you are trying to get your noses in front and it was our choice to go with it,” he said. And here comes the kicker. “The home team is given the choice by UEFA and it would be very stupid of us not to use it in our favour, especially when teams such as Feyenoord come to Ibrox.”

Explain this to me – or maybe you’re better explaining it to The Record.

How can it be a “little known” rule if every home club is asked if they want to use multi-ball before the game even starts?

This wasn’t something Gerrard “discovered”.

It was something UEFA told him he could do and asked him if he wanted to.

I mean, Jesus. This is The Record at its pitiful worst.

It is a ridiculous headline on a ridiculous story.

Our media isn’t fit for purpose. It’s not fit for anything.

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