The Media Is Finally Running Stories About Celtic Losing Edouard Because He Terrifies Them.

Image for The Media Is Finally Running Stories About Celtic Losing Edouard Because He Terrifies Them.

It would not surprise me to learn that Celtic would have considered selling Odsonne Edouard in the summer.

I haven’t done my transfer window piece yet, but it’s in the offing, and before I put it up I’ll say this; it wasn’t the worst window we’ve ever had, but it revealed the club’s low level of intent and was a perfect showcase for how bad the leadership has been behind the scenes.

In many ways, it got the job done.

In other ways it was a complete mess.

So yeah, I find it easy to believe that if an offer for Odsonne Edouard came in there would have been no consideration whatsoever for the fans or for the manager.

The board would have looked at it and if it was right he’d have been on his way.

They have no ambition whatsoever, and the window just past demonstrated it even if we got a lot right.

But do I believe that a deal with Monaco was almost done?

No, I don’t.

Because nothing about the story makes the slightest bit of sense, and the media is basing it on a report from France which contains not one single verifiable fact.

Forgive me if what I’m looking for here are verifiable facts.

That our media takes great pleasure in publishing the story and trying to make more of it than what there was – a transfer rumour, much like some of the stuff they’ve been publishing about the likes of Morelos – doesn’t come as any surprise either; his goal at Ibrox has sealed the deal for some of them.

He is, without dispute, the best player in Scotland and the deadliest finisher and big game footballer that we’ve seen on these shores since Henrik Larsson.

So this is how it starts; first Dembele, then Tierney, and Odsonne is next.

They won’t care whether stories are true or not and I find this one especially amusing as Lennon won’t be in front of them until next week and so won’t be able to refute it … it’ll run and run.

Unsettling him, and especially for January, will be their top priority.

Does Eddie look like a player who’s unsettled?

He’s in the form of his life right now, and looks like like he could score in every game. They are terrified of the impact this boy makes when the chips are down, and that’s why Celtic must not even contemplate selling him unless the offer is the sort of one that makes the Tierney cash look like chump change.

Was this one of those bids, if there was a bid at all?

One of the players the article says they replaced him with was Wissam Ben Yedder; they paid £40 million plus for him. To even have got Celtic on the phone the offer would have had to have been in that ballpark, especially considering what we signed him for and the possibility of a PSG sell-on clause.

This is what we have to look forward to … but you know what I’ll be doing instead?

Looking forward to more goals, more great performances, more brilliant, standout displays.

French Eddie is the best we’ve had here in a long time … and the media knows it and that’s what they’re up to highlighting this kind of garbage.

The important thing to remember from the piece is that even the French newspaper which ran this rumour says that whereas the French club pulled out of an initial deal that it was Eddie himself who rejected the move the second time.

So even if it’s true that all this took place, the guy said no and is happy at Celtic.

The paper says the deal is “completely dead.”

You’d think our hacks would have put that in the headline, right?

But of course not; instead they went with the other interpretation; “French giants ‘agreed deal’ to sign Celtic ace during summer.”

Of course they did, because that’s the story they really wanted.

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