The Non-Existent Ojo-Kent “Telepathy”. Another Ridiculous Article From The Record’s New Keith Jacskon.

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It feels like only an hour ago that I wrote about Scot McDermott of The Record …

Oh wait, it was only an hour ago.

Why am I back here again?

Because I spotted another ludicrous, false, piece of arrant nonsense in his work this morning, and it leaped off the page to me every bit as much as the UEFA regulations garbage he wrote earlier, where he simply printed what Gerrard said.

This is another example of a hack who does no research, doesn’t investigate a single claim out of that ground, and who puts Ibrox feel-good ahead of his own credibility, which frankly can’t be worth much considering some of this relentless dreck.

This piece of dribbling nonsense is about the “telepathic understanding” between Ojo and Kent, which is being promoted in a piece entitled “The Sheyi Ojo-Ryan Kent Rangers telepathy that Liverpool loanee reckons can tear-up Premiership.”

The relevent section of the article reads thus:

“Sheyi Ojo believes there’s a telepathy between him and Ryan Kent on the pitch. And the Rangers winger has revealed he KNEW his pal would end up back at Ibrox – even though others had written off a permanent move. Now the Liverpool kids – who have played together in the Anfield youth team for the last five years – want to hit it off again for Steven Gerrard’s side.”

I bet half of you at least spotted exactly the same thing as I did.

It’s absolute garbage!

They never played together for the last five years, that’s fantasy, and it takes only five minutes of research to prove it.

Last season, Kent was at Ibrox … everyone knows that.

Even McDermott knows that, so what is he writing that cobblers for?

Kent was at Bristol City on loan before that.

And at Freiburg.

And Barnsley.

And Coventry.

And these are the clubs he’s been at from the season 2015-16 to the present time.

He has been nowhere near the Anfield youth team since he was a teen, and certainly not in the last five years.

And Ojo has a similar story; from 2015 he has been on loan at Wigan, Wolves, Fulham and Reims.

These two have barely been within a 100 miles of each others, let alone in the same team.

So how was this “telepathic partnership” formed, and what’s the basis of it?

That one knew when the other was eating Super Noodles?

It is such obvious drivel that I am stunned nobody at the paper said “Hey … wait a second.”

If they did develop telepathy over that time, isn’t it the kind of skill the CIA should be interested in?

If they both drop out of the Ibrox team at the same time are we to assume they’ve been spirited away to Langley?

Look, I don’t mind the media writing Ibrox feel-good … but to be so obvious with the lack of research, with the lack of concern for even the most basic facts … it’s an insult to the intelligence of the few readers these rags have left. McDermott is a joke if this is what he turns out.

Keith Jackson doubtless feels he has a prodigy here.

He must be so proud.

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