The Proof That Celtic’s Ibrox Win Has Sent The Scottish Media Round The Bend.

Ryan Kent Signs … And The First Mental Comparisons Start 

As everyone is well aware, Ryan Kent signed for the Ibrox club just prior to the closing of the transfer window. An outpouring of sycophantic guff began immediately, with the player being reinvented as the Second Coming.

One article, in The Herald, was so bad as it tried to paint a picture of Kent as some kind of prodigy that this website took it apart a paragraph at a time.

But the worst of all the articles was in The Record. (Where else?)

In that article, Kyle Lafferty offered up the most disturbing shower scene since Psycho as he told of how he cooed in Kent’s ear as they stood together amidst the steam, and told him he could be as good as Eden Hazard. Yes, the Eden Hazard who plays for Real Madrid.

And The Record lapped that up, of course.

Because why not?

It’s a ludicrous comparison in every way, served up to us in a truly bizarre way, but it’s nothing we’ve not seen before.

Besides, the club spent a fortune on this guy; you can’t have anyone saying he’s not worth it.

All the coverage of Kent has been seriously over the top, but this really did take the prize.