The Scotman’s “Managerial Sack Race” Article Is More Rank Sevco-Centric Nonsense.

Image for The Scotman’s “Managerial Sack Race” Article Is More Rank Sevco-Centric Nonsense.

I’m only going to write the guy’s name; Joel Sked.

Right away you know the quality –or lack thereof – of the piece I am about to highlight.

It is thankfully, mercifully, short.

I won’t do a line by line on it because it doesn’t need one, it’s not even worthy of it.

Sked seems to spend his day surfing the net for pathetic pro-Ibrox arcana prior to presenting it to the world as some kind of wisdom. Today he’s reproduced odds from an obscure bookie that, frankly, I’ve never heard of (and I like a bet) to justify his headline.

His headline is that Steven Gerrard is joint “safest” manager in the SPL in terms of the “sack race.”

This bookie ranks him at 33-1 to be binned next.

Lennon is a mere 20-1.

So tell me on what planet is Lennon – who just won at Ibrox, who’s had the best start to a Celtic league campaign in a decade and who secured a Scottish Cup and a league title last season – going to lose his job before Gerrard, who won nothing and is already three points behind us?

Even Ibrox supporters understand that their manager’s jacket will be on a shoogly nail if he goes into the New Year game more than three points behind and then loses that much; the league race would be just about over before the winter break.

Gerrard will be under real pressure, the kind that ends with a manager clearing out his desk. Indeed, at 1-0 down against Livingston at home this weekend some people could see the end in sight already. And it will not take much to tip him in that direction.

Lennon, on the other hand, has largely won over his critics.

Big doubts were raised after Cluj, but that was a one-off mistake and one I do not believe that Lennon will ever make again.

He bought himself more than just time … he also has the luxury of breathing space.

I say it again; Lennon is currently sitting with one of the finest wins to games ratios in the history of our club … he shows no signs of falling below his sterling average. Indeed, I think he might even enhance his score and go on to become, statistically speaking, the most successful of all our bosses.

I’ll tell you who should get sacked; Joel Sked.

If this is journalism then I’m nuclear scientist.

Hell, if this is journalism then Homer Simpson is a nuclear scientist … just cause he has the title, it doesn’t mean he can do the job.

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