The Sun Publishes The Most Desperate, Anti-Celtic, Ibrox Feel-Good Piece Of The Year So Far.

Image for The Sun Publishes The Most Desperate, Anti-Celtic, Ibrox Feel-Good Piece Of The Year So Far.

Every day, I get sent stuff by readers asking that I check out this, or check out that.

Much of it is from the mainstream media, and I am glad of that stuff because otherwise I’d miss out on some of their more ridiculous items. This is a case in point.

I was sent this by my old man the other day, who spotted it and thought I’d be amused.

I was amused, but only in part.

I was actually pretty cheesed off, because it’s so obviously a piece of feel-good, cheer up Ibrox fans, nonsense.

It’s the story of how the Ibrox club is beating ours … on YouTube.

They have, apparently, made the top 25 of the most viewed clubs in Europe on the social media channel whereas Celtic did not.

I bet none of you will sleep at night after reading that, am I right?

I know I had difficulty getting to bed last night as I pondered the game-changing consequences of that news.

I mean, image being hit by a blow like this after you’ve won at Ibrox?

Doesn’t it undo all the good work the team has done?

Well, of course it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter at all, not even a little bit, not even to the kind of nerds who obsesses over this kind of thing. Even the Celtic digital team won’t have lost sleep over it. And if you think the story is weak you haven’t heard the best part.

This wasn’t measured over a long timeline … these figures are published monthly … and the story relates to the month of August. So for one month their club has sneaked – and the article even uses that word, sneaked – onto the list for that single 31-day period … and that’s a news story? In who’s world is that anything other than fluff?

This is my favourite paragraph. “Meanwhile, Celtic didn’t make the list despite winning the bragging rights in the first Old Firm of the season.”

I covered bragging rights yesterday; our club couldn’t give a stuff about them.

They don’t put your name on the cups.

And besides, wasn’t this list for August?

The game was played in September.

I don’t mind that the idiot who wrote this piece is clearly reaching, desperately, for a piece of Ibrox feel-good; I do mind that a writer on a national title can’t do something as prosaic as look at a calendar.

Honestly, the media reaction to that defeat has been hysterical and the revisionism has been off the scale. This, however, does what some of the other pieces have thus failed to do, for all the effort that went into them. It aims for bottom, and hits the mark.

Congratulations, I guess.

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