Alex Rae’s Comments On The Christie Tackle Are Risible From A Notorious Boot Boy.

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Alex Rae has described Ryan Christie’s tackle at weekend as “as bad a tackle as you’re going to see,” and suggested that it was a leg-breaker.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, Alex Rae is incapable of giving a balanced, and moderate, judgement on anything relating to Celtic or the Ibrox club.

We know who and what Alex Rae is; apart from looking like something that could have had a nice career haunting houses, he is as staunch a specimen of the Peepul as you’re ever likely to see.

Put bluntly, Alex Rae was a thug on the park, a notorious boot-boy who once served a five match UEFA ban for kicking a player in the head.

Now that was as bad as anything you are ever likely to see on a football pitch.

In addition, he has defended Alfredo Morelos on the basis that he, himself, had a terrible disciplinary record for which he had to see a shrink.

By his own admission, he realised that he had to sort himself out when he elbowed David Ginola and picked up a four match ban on the very day that he had returned to his team after a three match ban.

During an interview last year, he described that elbow on Ginola as “accidental” … but press coverage from the describes as “blatant” and a “moment of madness.”

Regular readers will know that I’m a big music fan and one of my favourite artists is the late Warren Zevon; he wrote a song about players like Alex Rae, although it’s about hockey.

Entitled Hit Somebody, it’s about a “goon” who’s entire career in the league was about viciously stamping out the opposition.

The song makes it clear he had no redeeming skills at the game “(He) wasn’t that good with a puck … Buddy’s real was beating people up.”

“Hit somebody! it rang in his ears,” starts one stanza. “Blood on the ice ran down through the years. The king of the goons with a box for a throne, a thousand stitches and broken bones.”

And to me, that’s Alex Rae … that’s the player who defended Ryan Jack and Mad Dog, but who is getting press coverage as if he was a as he launches a verbal attack on our player? Jesus, this is a great example of how our media doesn’t do irony.

Honestly, you get tired of wading through this kind of stuff after a while.

You have bigots lecturing people on sectarianism, discredited officials explaining the rules of the game to dumb fans and now boot-boys clucking their tongues at indiscipline, but only when these things are about casting Celtic or our players in a negative light.

Who are these Peepul trying to kid here?

Alex Rae about bad tackles … Holy Christ, that’s a good one.

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