Well, that was very special today.

It was an performance from the whole team, and especially in that second half when we were clinical and brilliant. We played well throughout though, and richly deserved the , and even the margin of it. That scoreline did not flatter us.

All through the last fortnight we have subjected to a deluge about how brilliant an attacking team Sevco are.

We went to Ibrox and blunted that attack and scored twice.

Today we’ve shown what we have as an attacking force and on that form nobody in this country can with us.

It was a timely reminder of why we’re champions.

That performance deserves some proper scrutiny, which is what I intend to give it.

Every player rose to the occasion brilliantly, and all should be proud.

That was the performance – and the result – that we needed.

We’re back on top of the table, albeit perhaps only for 24 hours.

But the onus is on our so-called rivals to see if can knock us off the perch.

Let’s look at that display today and what made it so important, and impressive.