Another Ex Celtic Players Is Wheeled Out To Promote Sevco And Snipe At The Board.

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Frank McGarvey.

Wow. I guess he just hasn’t been in the papers enough these last few … years?

Why in God’s name is he being interviewed by the Scottish Sun and asked his opinion on anything?

I’ve lamented how easily ex-players get their faces in the paper … and especially when it’s to cast doubts on Celtic. This piece is no exception.

It’s a Sevco love-in, of course, but that’s just for openers. He thinks the title race will “go to the wire” and that it might even be decided “on the Old Firm games”. Someone wants to point out to him that there’ll never be another of those and we won the last one.

But if he means the Sevco matches, well we’re three points up on that one and the next is at Celtic Park, so I’d say we have the edge. That’s why he also throws goal difference into the mix. I mean, Jesus wept. The title race will not go to goal difference.

It will be won, by Celtic, comfortably.

Like others, he’s even suggested that our win at Ibrox was down to the home side being “very poor.” When is someone going to give us credit for that display? It was well over a month ago and I haven’t heard us get any yet. I am sick and tired of the way that superb performance has been sold short.

But then McGarvey goes on to suggest that our club is “settling for” doing well in Scotland and isn’t taking European football terribly seriously. Perhaps someone wants to point out to him that we’re top of our Europa League group and in won six of eight ties in the qualifying campaign?

He talks about the board, specifically, and their apparent lack of ambition. We could go on all day and all night about that perception and, indeed, I’ve argued it here many times … but I am sometimes at a loss for what people like think our club should be doing.

Had we got the recruitment done earlier we’d have been in the Champions League Groups … but in those groups we’d have been spectacularly and massively outgunned, and there’s no amount of money we could have spent to change that.

The media just keeps on finding these people … ex-Celt’s most of them, none of whom are ever happy, none of whom ever get us the credit we’re due. Or perhaps that’s unfair. Perhaps the media strips out all the positive stuff and just pushes the pro-Sevco nonsense.

I doubt it, but that could happen.

If it did I like to think our ex-players would just cut off co-operation with the hacks entirely.

Based on other comments in the media today, I wish some of the present squad would do the same or at least learn to keep their mouths shut.

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