As Expected, Ibrox Noise Up Is First Out Of The Gate With The Lunacy.

Image for As Expected, Ibrox Noise Up Is First Out Of The Gate With The Lunacy.

“There are now genuine fears at Parkhead they’re going to lose 9IAR.”

Forget it, I’m not even going to bother cleaning up their grammar.

We’re off to the Wacky Races.

This is the first piece of raving lunacy following today’s results, and it was all too predictable that this was going to come from Ibrox Noise Up, the dumbest website in La La Land, and when you consider the fierce competition that’s sort of a compliment.

They have an amazing tendency to wave away negatives. The Young Boys game was “a loss from the jaws of victory.” Someone needs to explain to them that 1-1 was not a victory but a draw. The Celtic game was “bizarre” rather than one where we totally dominated, as you might expect of league champions sending a message. “We’ll never understand that loss,” the article wails, when it’s really not all that complicated. A better team beat them.

Check out these line, like a crayoned screed from the howling ward on an asylum.

“(The) squad is excellent – as good as Celtic’s now despite the lesser budget. (We) appear also to have the better manager, and long may that continue.”

Even if you get past the grade school level writing the points are barking. As good a squad as Celtic’s? Are they foaming at the mouth? Where are the blue chip players attracting interest from top clubs? Where are the winners in that squad? And what the Hell has the manager ever done, or ever won, that inspires this clownish site to pronounce him better than Lennon?

Lennon is a two-time manager of the year in Scotland. He has four league titles and three Scottish Cups as Celtic boss as well as a Championship title with Hibs. He has a win ratio of more than 70% over two terms … one of the best records in our club’s entire history.

“We will not give you rational balance – go to the Financial Times if you want emotionless drones,” squeals this piece near the end. Well, we can agree on that at least. It’s not the Financial Times is written by emotionless drones, it’s that the writers live in reality.

Ibrox Noise exists in a world of irrationality.

“This is Ibrox Noise, and we are emotional football fans – and our (team) just went top.”

This blog manages to be passionate without veering into lunacy. There are dozens of football blogs out there which I read and enjoy. They are committed to their clubs without behaving as if they should be committed for their content.

The moon howling is well underway already.

Like I said, it’s going to be a long fortnight.

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