Boyd Can Kris Off With His “Manchester United Should Sign Edouard” Suggestion.

Image for Boyd Can Kris Off With His “Manchester United Should Sign Edouard” Suggestion.

Isn’t it something that Kris Boyd – who nobody in Scotland takes seriously – thinks he could act as an advisor for United these days?

He reckons that them spending a fortune on Moussa Dembele is mad as Edouard would be available for less.

I love to listen to Boyd when he’s in this mood.

He thinks he’s so smart too.

But when you see him sometimes with the smirk on his face and you hear these weasly words coming out of his mouth you can almost hear something else in the background; the wheels in his head literally grinding against each other as they slowly turn.

Let me give Boyd a little piece of advice; if someone with your IQ can come up with this, then far smarter people – about 70% of the population – can see what you are up to a mile away.

If United’s people are sitting by the TV breathlessly waiting for you to offer them advice, and they take that advice, not only does Celtic lose a player the board won’t spend big to replace but we also lose the big payday from their signing Dembele.

Aaah sneaky … and transparent.


Know what the giveaway was?

He threw in there for good measure, because if they spend the on Edouard then they can’t spend it on Morelos, who Boyd has actually said is a better player.

See, Boyd really does believe the Ibrox club will get a huge offer for Morelos … it’s just that he doesn’t want it this season.

Which is why he wouldn’t recommend that these sign him.

Delusional rubbish, of course.

There’s an obvious backhanded compliment in this, which the media doesn’t want to explore, and if it was the point Boyd was trying to make I might even applaud it … that Edouard is the real deal and will get high level interest from top whereas all the stuff about Morelos is pure hype and nothing more.

But of course that wasn’t it at all … this was Boyd doing a wee bit of stirring, playing one of his pitiful wee games, and the media giving him a platform for it.

If only United were willing to listen to him,eah?

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