Celtic’s AGM announcement has generated significant backlash, as you’ve probably gathered.

Their decision not to support the Resolution 12 boys is shameful, and leads people to wonder whether or club has something to hide or not.

The thing that most people have commented to me on is the assertion that the club wants to leave this in the hands of the SFA.

“Why the Hell would the club want to do that?”

It’s a good question, one I have no actual answer to.

It is much easier to list the reasons why we can’t, and won’t, trust the SFA, and frankly the idea that the club does absolutely boggles the mind. An entire generation of our fans is growing up viewing the SFA through the prism of the events of 2011-12.

There are those of us with long memories and who’ve been around a while who remember things even farther back.

But since 2011-12, the supporter’s view of the SFA has been so toxic that I am frankly astounded, and not a little disgusted, that the club would even dare suggest we trust these people. I am going to look at just a handful of the reasons for our attitude towards them, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Tomorrow I’ll publish the complete version of my A-Z of Scottish football corruption and scandal, which at the moment is in several parts.

It is an overview of what we’ve had to contend with over the years. For now, I’m going to list just some of the reasons why we cannot trust the SFA, all rooted in the modern era, all offering the proof that those in office up there should be run out on a rail.