Delusional Ibrox Fans Think They’d Have Gotten £20 Million For Morelos … If He Wasn’t So Fat.

Image for Delusional Ibrox Fans Think They’d Have Gotten £20 Million For Morelos … If He Wasn’t So Fat.

This is a good one, I have to say.

Richard Gough was doing the rounds of the press-boxes yesterday and has said that LA Galaxy were interested in Alfredo Morelos and decided not to move for him because their coaches and scouts thought he was overweight.

I mentioned this in an article earlier in the month; the press said that Morelos has “bulked up” over the summer.

Maybe I should use the same excuse when I stand on the scales?

To me it’s just that he’s gotten fat, like he discovered the secret Sevco Monster Munch stash hidden away in the back of a dressing room cupboard and got tore in.

Amazingly, this has sparked renewed hope amongst Ibrox fans that the mega-money transfer bid which has so far failed to materialise will soon. They now believe that Slim Fast is all that stands between them and a £20 million plus bounty for the Colombian nut-job.

They really do believe some nonsense, don’t they?

Rumours continue to swirl around this guy and his future, but all have about as much substance as a fart in the wind.

When Gerrard admitted, in the summer, that not one club had actually expressed an interest in the player the only people shocked were the media, who have hyped this guy and the alleged “interest” in him to the extent they actually believe their own nonsense.

The excuse that LA Galaxy rejected him because he’s overweight is a good one.

It’s a lot easier to sell, and more palatable, for the Ibrox fans than the idea that the American club looked at him and just decided he wasn’t very good. It also reeks of someone at Ibrox – Gerrard himself perhaps – touting him around clubs and not getting very far with it.

Morelos is said to have “calmed down” this season. Actually, he’s simply not been put under pressure yet. Before this campaign ends you’ll see Mad Dog biting again and they’ll have even less chance of getting a big fee for him when he finally leaves Scotland.

When that day comes someone is going to have to explain to their supporters why they didn’t get the giant sum of money the media and the club led them to believe they would …

I would love to be a fly on the wall when their “media strategist” suggests they use this excuse.

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