Do Celtic Need A Striker In January? Only If We’re Writing One Of Ours Off.

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There is a lot of chatter online tonight about the possibility of Celtic spending big money in January to bring another striker to Celtic Park.

Now, we’re not a Premiership giant and there are other areas of the team I think we need to be thinking about … like central defence and that tricky position in the middle of the pitch, where we clearly need another ball winner.

Really, what are we talking about another striker for?

Are we really worried there aren’t enough goals in this team?

Are we worried about – are we actually writing off – one of the three strikers we’ve presently got?

Griffiths is a good a player in a forward position as there is in Scotland save for Edouard.

Once he’s fit and ready again we’ll have a fine striker, capable of leading the line and scoring for fun.

I know that some idiots online have written off Bayo – on the basis of a handful of games; thank God they don’t make a living as scouts – but you can tell there’s something there.

So which of them are we writing off to accommodate a fourth striker?

And from a team where Forrest and Christie can both play in that position at a push already?

In a squad where the Irish youth Jonathon Afolabi is currently trying to break through and doing just fine?

Some of the names being bandied around are hilarious; Lawrence Shankland as the future of the Celtic forward line?

Really? That ought to be the level of our intent?

I think we have the firepower to win this league at a walk.

What we need is at least one more player capable of slugging it out on those difficult to win days; the news that Wanyama is up for grabs in January doesn’t excite me as much as it would if I thought there was a chance of us going in there and getting him, but if we’re going to spend I’d rather that was what we used the cash for.

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