If Lennon Doesn’t Think We Deserved To Lose I Suggest He Watches The Game Again.

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The old adage about leadership goes that you should never ask someone to do something you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself.

Thank God that doesn’t apply to blogging.

Even whilst I urge Neil Lennon to watch that match one more time I am – I’m grateful to say – under no obligation to do the same because I just couldn’t.

I listened to his press conference after the match, and I would agree with those who say he’s a much calmer figure these days. I’m just not sure the passive exterior suits him on a day when he should have been a lot angrier than he seemed to be.

He said he wasn’t sure we deserved to lose that today.

He’s wrong, because we did.

And if he doesn’t think so then he really should strap himself to a chair from which there is no escape and force himself to sit through every painful second of that all over again.

Hey, I don’t wish it on him. I wouldn’t wish that on almost anyone, although I’d gladly sentence the notorious wedding couple I blogged about last night to the mind-melting Sevco equivalent. The 5-1 game at Ibrox from two seasons ago, perhaps. That would do it.

Really, Lennon has to be kidding when he comes out with that stuff.

There was no point during that match – no point – where we looked as if we were going to have a comfortable afternoon and from the moment we lost Ryan – and I do not blame him for the defeat – we were pushing a boulder up a hill. I think the whole performance was inexcusable.

I don’t think Lennon can possibly be as blasé about that performance as he made out.

He can’t be, can he?

He surely went through the players in that dressing room, gave them a piece of mind, and then went out in front of the press and talked them up.

That’s the explanation I’m going to cling onto.

Anything else would worry me.

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