Kris Boyd’s Edouard Comments Show Again What A Complete Idiot He Is.

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Kris Boyd should keep his mouth shut about Celtic. Since he can’t be, in any way, objective he should simply button his trap and say nothing else. Today he’s gurning about how it’s a “mistake” for Celtic to solely rely on Odsonne Edouard.

Which, in case he’s missed it, we don’t actually do.

I feel I have to tackle this one because Boyd isn’t the only person making this spurious claim.

Celtic has three first team strikers on the books, and although Griffiths is still out that’s one more than, for example, the Ibrox NewCo can rely on. Hearts have Ikpeazu and Naismith as their senior two. Aberdeen have Cosgrove and … errr … not much else. I could go on, but you get the general gist.

Every other club in the league would kill to have three first team forwards.

It is arrant nonsense to say we overly rely on Edouard.

The reason we’ve not seen more of Bayo is that Edouard is playing so well you can’t drop him.

The media always finds a way to spin it.

Edouard is the key man.

There isn’t a player in Scotland with his talent, and every other club would be utilising that talent to the fullest and no-one would even blink.

Boyd doesn’t even try to put forward a sensible argument. “Celtic are recklessly pinning their hopes of nine in a row on one man until January,” he says. “Relying on Odsonne Edouard for more than two months before they can go into the transfer market is madness.”

I’m not sure what he reckons Celtic should do.

Prise open the transfer window and sign somebody?

His point is completely inane.

And he continues in this vein, like a complete muppet, like someone digging a hole who doesn’t know when to stop.

“From the moment the window opens on January 1, new head of recruitment Nicky Hammond will have to present Neil Lennon with quality goalscoring options.”

Because we don’t have any of those, right?

What crap this guy talks. The team needs a ball winning midfielder and a central defender before we should even think about going out and signing a new striker, and one of the current three would have to leave first.

If one of them does, then all’s well and good and Hammond can get busy.

Then he goes on to write this. ““Edouard is top class, there is absolutely no question of that. But he’s a young lad and it’s too much for him to handle alone … But I can’t believe he is the only option up front for Lennon because I’m just not having Vakoun Bayo. They’ve tried him and it’s not worked. He just isn’t up to it.”

Remind me again where Edouard has cracked under the pressure of his youth?

Did Boyd not see him crack the winner in the Scottish Cup Final last season?

Did he not watch his sublime goal at Ibrox?

Nor his big goals in Europe so far in this campaign?

As for “I’m just not having Vakoun Bayo”, this is why Lennon is a manager and Boyd isn’t.

Writing off a guy whose game time has been limited by the brilliance of a team-mate is the kind of thing only absolute clowns would do.

Maybe he wants to write off Greg Taylor as well, of whom we’ve not even seen a single minute of football yet?

This is dumb hacks writing off Celtic players again just because they haven’t watched them enough.

When did we try Bayo and find it didn’t work?

I’ve seen him play a couple of games and look a real handful … he could (and should) have had a hat-trick in one of them.

He goes on to say that we only select Edouard every week because he has “no competition.”

But then we selected Larsson every week at a time when the competition was Hartson and Sutton … is it possible, do you think, that someone can explain to this muppet that sometimes you select someone just because he’s by far the best player available?

Honestly, this is Boyd rattling the bars of his cage to get attention and I’d have let it pass except I’ve heard a lot of Celtic fans talking this same nonsense.

Yes, Griffiths is out injured again.

But how were we supposed to know that was going to happen?

Should we hire a fortune teller?

And the coaches have watched Bayo, and so has the manager, and they believe in him … and I’ll take their word (and his scoring record) over Boyd the talking monkey any day of the week.

The same people who wanted us to punt Bolingoli after just a handful of games are now hollering that Bayo isn’t good enough?

Why don’t I feel inclined to pay much attention to them?

You know what this is really all about?

The Edouard-Morelos debate is over, because no sane person would dare dispute it whilst Eddie is banging them in for the French Under 21’s. On top of that Lennon and the club have blown apart the media’s fantasy that we might look to “cash in” on him in January.

So the best striker Celtic has had in years, possibily since Larsson himself, will be at the club until at least the end of this campaign … and since his talent is no longer up for debate even by schoolroom level idiots, they need a new line of attack.

Celtic are overworking him. Celtic are overelying on him.

Blah, blah, blah.

Pathetic, all of it.

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