No Article Describing Andy Walker As A “Celtic Hero” Should Ever Be Taken Seriously.

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Andy Walker was the subject of a ridiculous in The Express today, where he has said that the Ibrox club will take the title race to the wire. I don’t suppose Walker fancies putting his money where his mouth is? Because I will happily take it from him, and donate it to charity.

I don’t mind Walker talking this nonsense. Walker talks all the time.

It’s his stock in trade and this site has been vocal in making our feelings on him clear. The man doesn’t have a brain in his head. This site writes about him on occasion, but if we were to write about him every time he opened his mouth and stupidity came out we’d focus on nothing else.

The Express though has chosen to give his daft comments legitimacy by referring to him as a “Celtic legend” as though such a designation, if it applied to him, would make his daft comments more valid. Walker has made the same prediction four years in a row.

No website or titles which refers to Andy Walker as a “legend” – of any description, except, perhaps, in his own mind, far less a Celtic one – should be taken seriously. Andy Walker was a two-bob player who few in the game would ever have heard of except for that he played for us. He has never been honoured by the club, not even with the half-time draw, and if you say his name to most Celtic fans what you get back will not be love and affection.

I am sometimes accused of not appreciating Nicholas because I never saw him in his prime. I saw Walker in his prime, and I can’t stand the man at all.

My views on Nicholas are coloured by the same fundamental truth; that he never says a good word about us.

Davie Provan is another one in that club. I saw one of the finest goals he ever scored in his career, one of my happiest early memories as a fan, when he rocked a free kick in at Hampden in the 1985 Scottish Cup final. His negativity about us blows my mind.

These people are never going to be spoken of us true legends, true icons.

Because the fans don’t want to know.

The fans have formed a view on these guys over years in cosy media gigs which they’ve kept by toeing the party line … and often that’s an anti-Celtic one.

The idea that Walker believes in the Miracle Of Ibrox is certainly not news to me, or I suspect to anybody else.

But he’s not a “Celtic man” giving a fearful assessment of their chances based on the start to the season they’ve had; he’s an eejit who would have made the same prediction had they signed nobody, done nothing and lost the first eight games in a row.

really will have to do better than this.

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