Rodgers Can Lend Us Anyone He Likes, Most Celtic Fans Still Won’t Forgive What He Did.

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There’s a very fanciful wee story in The Express today.

Even writing that should give me the giggles, as that’s about all you ever get in that rag; fanciful stories. But this one is of particular vintage. It’s a story about how Rodgers could “rebuild” his Celtic relationship if he only sends us a couple of his Leicester rejects on loan.

How amusing the idea is to me.

Rodgers’ relationship with most of our support is damaged beyond repair, and it doesn’t matter what he does to try and make it up to us.

As much as none of us will ever forget the good, nor will we forget the bad.

This man walked out on us halfway through a campaign, taking much of the coaching staff with him. We now know he caused disharmony behind the scenes at Anfield and at Celtic Park with his open criticisms of the boards at both clubs, many of which were based on a false premise.

I wrote a lengthy piece on this very subject not that long ago.

Nothing we’ve discovered since he left offers the slightest alibi for his behaviour; quite the opposite.

Everything seems to confirm that Rodgers is a charlatan who puts himself in front of everything else in the world. He reminds me in a lot of ways now of Jim Murphy the former Labour MP; superficially charming and engaging, but totally self-motivated and self-obsessed.

The talk that he might send us some of his unwanted players is not new.

He’s already sent one to Ibrox.

That doesn’t bother me.

There’s some doubt as to whether he even knew where the player was going; he said as much, although that might just have been him lying through his teeth. Not that it matters as the player in question hasn’t been very effective anyway.

The rumour mill suggests that Benkovic might be free to return to Celtic Park.

We could certainly use another centre back, but I would much prefer it if we bought one, someone who would be able to bed into the team over the second half of the campaign, and be ready to step up when required in next season’s Champions League qualifiers.

But I’d take Benkovic, for half a season, to provide cover when we need it. I don’t think he’d be a first pick for us any more than he is for Rodgers’ team. What I won’t do is give praise and thanks as if Rodgers has done us some huge favour.

That Benkovic would be a mere stand-in whenever either Jullien or Ajer is injured says it all … if he wants to send us Jamie Vardy that’s another story entirely, of course.

Even then he’s going to find forgiveness is too hard a sell for most of us.

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