Sevco Social Media Is Lying About Ryan Christie Getting Death Threats From Our Fans.

Image for Sevco Social Media Is Lying About Ryan Christie Getting Death Threats From Our Fans.

Earlier today, Michaela wrote a fantastic piece about the stick Ryan Christie took on social media.

This is a real story.

He has removed himself from Twitter because of the level of abuse he’s had since yesterday.

What few but Michaela have pointed out is that those abusing Christie were primarily those on the other side of the city.

I am sure that stick from Celtic fans hurts more than the venomous spewing of bigoted goons, but aside from a handful of comments the response from our fans was mostly disappointment when it wasn’t offering him support.

Ibrox Noise is happy to blame Celtic fans, but we know all about these clowns already, and I highlighted some more of their insane asylum level raving last night.

They at least have stopped short of making the allegation that has surfaced elsewhere; that Christie got “death threats” from Celtic fans.

For getting sent off against Livingston.

Ponder, for a moment, the kind of Peepul who would believe such a thing.

I’m not talking about the kind of people who would write it out of spite, and there are plenty of them. I’m talking about those who are so foaming at the mouth that they believe it. And you only need to look at the forums and such like to see there are plenty of them too.

Imagine hating people enough to believe that Celtic fans, en masse, are threatening their own player because he got red carded in what will prove to be a meaningless game? It’s the same mind-set that thinks our entire club is a giant paedophile ring … hatred that has so warped people that they can’t see straight.

We saw them in the wedding video last week.

I want to put this on the record though.

I was online for a few hours last night going through the response to Ryan’s sending off, and I saw a lot of bile aimed at him from various fronts … but nothing that would cross the line into illegality. If there had been, how do you think the papers would have reacted to it?

You know the answer to that.

The Peepul have never needed evidence to believe what they want, which is good since most of what they believe is not supported by the least bit of it.

There is nothing to support this sick claim, any more than there is to support other bizarre beliefs they hold in relation to Celtic … but it doesn’t stop them circulating it like a dose of something horrible.

This is not just a barefaced lie, this is a twisted, evil malicious untruth designed to paint our fans in the worst possible light.

We cannot allow a lie like this to go unchallenged.

There is a section of that support which is simply capable of anything.

This a shameful smear job from the sickest football fans on this island, and I hate to even use that term to describe them.

Ordinary football fans just want to follow their club.

They exist solely to hate another.

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